Save time

Working with spreadsheets is a great time saver, until… you need to work with spreadsheets as a team. You can spend many unnecessary hours making sure everybody is om the same page. Use Loops to eliminate wasted time.

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Reduce errors

Data quality is an issue, whether we work with spreadsheets or database systems. And poor data quality leads to errors in the execution of your business process. Use Loops to get rid of this problem.

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Get the overview

With your data across many systems, files, companies even, you will not see the end-to-end of what you are spending your money on. Use Loops to get the overview in a

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Extract, Clean, Combine, and Enrich Unstructured Data in Minutes

Loops is the fastest, easiest and most pragmatic way to extract, clean, combine, and enrich your unstructured data, and get a full overview. Within minutes of setting up, a Loop will be your automated pipeline that turns your spreadsheets and pdf’s into structured, usable data, and powerful insights.

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Advanced Structuring Logic

Our CDR (Cubic Data Review) algorithms look at your data from multiple angles (structure, contents, context) and suggest the best ways to clean and combine your data, so you don’t have to spend time on the routine and repetitive data crunching you do today.

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Simple Processing Pipeline

Simply connect to your database sources and file folders, and upload anything else you want to include, ‘run’ your Loop, and access the structured equivalent of everything you put in. Go from chaos to order everyday with this simple addition to your toolkit.

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Put Structure Around your Data Sources

Working with files is tricky because there is no audit trail, no standardisation, and no validation. But it’s so much easier than these vast enterprise systems! Use Loops to put standardisation and auditing across your files and other sources. This way you get the best of both worlds!

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Break the Silos!

With the CDR algorithms, the processing pipeline, and the scaffolding, you are all set to integrate any kind of source data into your own little data store. No matter which department, supplier, or online data source your data came from, you have everything you need in one single place. See across the silos in minutes and keep the overview.

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Our 5 Steps to Structured Data

 Loops provides the fastest way to get rid of your stacks of spreadsheets, and return them to you in a database

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